There’s a revolution calling…

Like in the George Orwell book 1984, telling the truth has become a revolutionary act.

There is a growing polarization between the knows and know nots, between true and false, between right and wrong, and between mythology and objectivity.

The Greeks invented theory and objectivity. They attempted to arrive at truths that were always true and not dependent on the gods. They were able to be objective because they were free. These Greeks were not slaves to wages or other authority.

We must maintain our objectivity and view of the world that doesn‘t rely on the gods or dogmatic authority. In short, we must think for ourselves. If we lose our objectivity, we will lose our freedom.

The Scientific Method, which was an outgrowth of the Renaissance, is the best example of objective thinking. The Scientific Method draws conclusions from data not dogma.

9/11 was an emotional and tragic event. The mythology of 9/11 began on that day and has changed little since then. How did the towers fall? An anonymous man in a Harley-Davidson T-shirt was there at the site to explain to the world what happened: The towers collapsed due to structural failure because the fire was too intense. His authority and analysis of the event has remained largely unquestioned. Widely viewed documentaries were devised with graphical illustrations and computer simulations to show how this man‘s theories could be true. Are they true? They must be true. He sounded so believable.

19 Hijackers conspired together to fly jet airliners into symbols of American power. Who were these hijackers? What were their histories before the attack? Is there evidence of their conspiring together and planning the attack? The myth states that they were led by Bin Laden. Is there evidence that he conducted the attack? There was a video found in Afghanistan that some purported to show Bin Laden confessing to the crime. The person in this video confessing has been widely dismissed as a Bin Laden imposter. Who would make a video with a Bin Laden imposter confessing to the 9/11 crimes? Why was this video found by the US military and presented as an actual Bin Laden confession by US authorities?

These questions require objectivity to answer. If we lose our objectivity by refusing to seek their answers, our freedom will be lost. Our view of the world will be forever tied to the dogmas and the myths provided by the authorities. We need a revolution in objectivity: a revolution in asking questions and demanding answers.  There‘s a revolution calling…


3 Responses to “There’s a revolution calling…”

  1. yes. yes. just like the v for vendetta/ 9-11 similarities…..we NEED a revolution. history repeats itself. and the colonists had to get over the NON-violent attempts. eventually they had to FIGHT back. bohemian grove……..look into that….the last 2 weeks in july. the choice is yours. do you pull the lever? the fireworks are on the train. if the corrupt politicians and international bankers KNEW we WOULD fight back and not take it….do you think they would continue with the aggresiveness they have used? its just an idea, but ideas are bulletproof. and with enough people, a symbol……like an owl being destroyed….can change the world.

  2. Lew Banelis Says:

    I believe we need a revolution. I think the only way to achieve it is to get people to believe, that they are being conned by the polygarchy. If enough people stop supporting the con it will collapse. The structure is a house of cards. Money has no value. We have been conned into believing it does. Without money as the economic enslavement tool,there is no power to wield over us,thus the collapse. Money is worthless without our consent. There are abundant resources and technology to feed,clothe,and house everyone on earth. Redistribution is what’s needed to achieve this. Why do people with more money and resources than could ever use
    continue to acquire more? This question is never asked of these people in the media?
    I would like to hear their answer. Violent revolution is not the answer. It replaces one power with another that becomes as bad or worse. A fundamental shift in thinking about our institutions is needed. The big lie is that we live in a democracy. Government will always be corrupted by money. Even religion is corrupted by money. As long as there is money power will be in the hands of those who control it. We must get rid of money to free the world from it’s tyranny.

  3. I think the both of you have said it better than I could. We need to find a peaceful solution to change the government. The power belongs to the people, not the bankers that run this country and have us slaving over their pocket change. We need to continue to inform others of what is going on and rally up enough supporters to make a change, a real change for the people, not the bankers. I know that there are others who are tired of the manipulation and lies, the only thing we need to do now is organize, locally more than anything. Spread the Truth.

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