Arrest Bush and Cheney

Step 1:  Arrest Bush.

Is there direct evidence of criminal involvement of the President? Is the evidence clear and persuasive enough for a court of law? If you can add 2 and 2 and get 4 which most police detectives are capable of doing, you can see the direct evidence of Bush’s involvement in the crimes of 9/11. Most serious crimes can be easily covered-up despite what you see on TV where the cops always get the bad guys. Police detectives often solve crimes through the incompetence and simple mistakes of the criminals. For example, the Menendez brothers were caught after confessing to their psychologist. If not for that confession, they could still be living well in some tropical resort.  Next example: We have President Bush answering a child’s question (not an intense interrogation so he must have been somewhat relaxed) about 9/11.  He said he saw the first plane go into the WTC on TV in his limo. The only known footage of the first plane going into the WTC was shot by a french film crew and released to the public the next day. If he was watching a private video feed of the WTC before the first plane hit, we’ve got some serious problems. The only reason someone would be watching the WTC before the first plane hit and feeding that video to the President, would be because they were expecting the WTC to be hit…

What if the situation were turned around where Osama Bin Laden was recorded saying that he saw the first plane hit the tower on live TV. It certainly wouldn’t be long before the FBI was indicting him for 9/11 crimes (which they have been unable to do so far).

Step 2:  Arrest Cheney.

Was Cheney involved in the crimes of 9/11?  What direct evidence do we have? David Ray Griffin, author of many books on 9/11, believes there was a stand down order given by people at the top of the executive to prevent the military from intercepting (NOT shooting down, the planes were not even confronted) the hijacked airliners. He said he heard from someone who overheard a conversation of security people at LAX saying there was a stand down order coming from the top. That isn’t exactly clear cut evidence. But do we have such evidence?  Norman Mineta testified before the 9/11 Commission that he directly overheard a conversation between a young man and Cheney while Flight 77 was approaching Washington.  The young man kept reporting the distance of the plane from Washington as it was steadily approaching: “The plane is 50 miles out… The plane is 30 miles out…” When the plane was 10 miles out, the young man asked the Vice President, “Do the orders still stand?” The Vice President abruptly answered, “Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?” What order would have someone returning to the Vice President asking about it? If it was an order to confront the plane, he wouldn’t need to keep asking about it. Obviously, only an order not to confront the plane would require him to keep coming back to the Vice President and asking “Are you sure about that?”  That statement was a bombshell in the committee room. Lee Hamilton was asking about the order to shoot down the planes. He wasn’t expecting to hear about the orders not to confront the planes. To say that testimony was treated like a hot potato is an understatement. Mineta’s testimony did not appear in the official transcript of the hearing and certainly did not appear in the Commission’s final report. But it was on TV for all to see as explained by Calum Douglas:

We live in a law and order nation. Our legal system and the protection of property rights are some of the key ingredients which makes our economy strong. However, when it comes to the mass murder of nearly 3000 people, the rule of law gets thrown out the window. David Ray Griffin commented that we have more of a criminal investigation when the local 7-11 is robbed.  For 9/11, Evidence was removed and destroyed.  Technical analysis of the events were compromised. Obvious signs of criminal involvement were ignored.


5 Responses to “Arrest Bush and Cheney”

  1. Dr. David J. Stickley Says:

    I would like to see Bush and Cheney made to pay back the billions of our tax dollars used to pay for this war that they started and then have them executed for their crimes of 9/11. I do NOT want to see them retire this year after the elections and the people in this country pay them a retirement for killing our own people on 9/11.

  2. It saddens me to know that people with deliberately murder their own citizens for political and economic gains.

  3. Please watch and share The Spirit of Saint Michael!

  4. Just add up all the facts, and no doubt about 9/11 being an inside job, orchestrated, approved and covered up by the upper levels of government. So these elected representatives and bureaucrats are truly above the law..and to think Meyers the general in charge that day gets promoted by Bush..why..because the attack on the WTC was successful, because promotions are given for success..not his failure to protect America!

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